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North Suffolk Wildfowlers was established in 1980 by a group of like-minded people who wanted to safeguard the sport of wildfowling in North Suffolk. NSW shoots at various locations which are located around our base of Lowestoft and also includes a clay ground which allows members to continue to shoot outside of the season at competitive sporting targets. See clay section of this website for further information.



Wildfowling is the pursuit of wildfowl (Ducks and Geese) and takes it origins back to the dark ages. Wildfowlers beyond the 18th century harvested wildfowl as a source of income and food, however the commercial shooting of wildfowl had more or less ended in the UK by the 1960’s.




The season runs from September 1st to 31st January inland, but extends out to February 20th if out on the foreshore. NSW does not shoot over any tidal areas no longer so the season ends for us on the 31st Jan.




The sport of wildfowling attracts many a nostalgic shooter who often wants to use a piece of history- Old big bore guns can still be seen from time to time by those enthusiastic or brave enough who still want to use them!!  Most shooters now use modern automatic shotguns which can handle the higher chamber pressures of the non-toxic ammunition available.



Lead shot was banned for the shooting wildfowl in England and Wales in 1998, and today the most widely used alternative today is steel, although some prefer the more exotic alternatives available such as Hevi Shot/Power shot which are actually heavier than lead, but then so is the price!! 


Wildfowling also attracts a number of home reloader’s who like to tailor their ammunition to suit individual needs of weight/size of shot & velocity or merely bespoke reloading for older guns where commercially loaded cartridges are no longer available.


No other ammunition other than non-toxic alternatives are permitted to be carried on the club’s shooting areas, which ensures our compliance with the law.

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